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Inger Bretz

My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him.
— Psalm 62:5

It is easier said than done to quiet your soul, will, and emotions.  How exactly do you quiet yourself?  What does that mean? The first challenge is the soul.  I have been pondering the thought of SAID vs. DONE.  It's much easier to SAY something than it is to DO something! 

It takes determination of the will to be silent, and to STAY silent. Add to the mix telling your mind to shut up and submit!  As if all of this isn't enough...wait...there's more! Our emotions are involved in this process, too.  Often our emotions don't want to submit to anything! The truth is, in my own life I want to really DO this.  I want to submit my mind, will, and emotions, but clearly I need the help of the Holy Spirit.  My mind is like a fan.  It buzzes around furiously and loudly every time I try to become "silent and wait on God." 

It's easier to wait on other things in life than it is to wait on God. 

Often it's easier to wait on things you're expecting; like a package in the mail, the one phone call that will "fix" everything, or the "aha" strategy that will become your blueprint for life. But to wait on God, and Him alone?  WOW.  Here is the reason God gives us in His word about why waiting on Him, and Him alone, is so important. 

He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.
— Psalm 62:6

There is a strong reason for silence. It allows Jesus Christ to be your all in all!

When you read Psalm 62:6 and make it personal it means so much more!  Why don't you take a minute and read the verse again, but this time read it in this way (with emphasis): "I (insert name), will NOT be moved because YOU Oh Lord are MY rock and MY strength!"

I lived in Arizona for many years and the area I lived in was surrounded by boulders.  I always marvelled at these huge, immovable stones.  They are just sitting there in the desert. Some alone, some piled into huge mounds.  They literally cannot be moved! They are a symbol of nature's power and strength.  They also represent you and me.  Positioned alone, silent, waiting.  

As you wait silently before the Lord and pour out your heart before Him, He will become your glory and your strength!