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Partner with Us

Awaken Ministries Int'l is called for a specific purpose! We are not built around a name. Awaken is established upon a calling. The vision and mission is clear and our desire to take ground and advance the Kingdom of God burns within the hearts of each Awaken team member. 

The Why

Our calling to influence generations by awakening leaders and individuals to their divine purpose and destiny is accomplished in many ways. We are breaking new ground every day in the areas of resourcing the body of Christ with fresh and relevant worship, teachings, media resources, and discipleship and leadership tools. These different avenues of ministry are ways that Awaken is currently edifying local churches throughout the United States and the globe.

The How

Prayer and financial partnership is crucial to our growth and the implementation of our calling and vision. Our goal is a minimum of 100 financial partners. Would you prayerfully consider joining the movement and becoming a ministry partner? Whether big or small, your giving matters! It's amazing how consistent financial giving adds up over time. Prayer is also a crucial component. No prayer goes unfelt! Your prayer covering and intercession is invaluable and a tremendous blessing to the ministry of Awaken. 

Partner with us and help the Awaken movement reach the globe!